Where to Find Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Colored Contacts Without Prescription

There are a lot of people who like to wear colored contacts. People wear color contact lenses for many reasons. A lot of these people don’t need to see better but they wear the colored contacts to change the color of there eyes. A person wears them because the contacts make the eyes stand out more. A person can find colored contacts without prescriptions in a variety of places. One of the best places is a retail eye wear store. These retail eye wear stores sell non prescription colored contact lenses. A person can get there eye measured by an eye care practitioner to decide what size contact lenses is needed.

Color Contacts Without Prescription by Mail

A person can also go online on the Internet to find colored contact lenses without prescription. There are many web sites that sell non prescription color contacts. A person can shop on these web sites right from their home. These eye wear web sites sell a variety of colored contacts that require no prescription. A person can choose from colors such as red, blue, hazel, green, brown, and many more different colors. A person can place an order using a debit or credit card. The web site will ship the non prescription colored contacts to the person address.

There are also eye wear magazines that sell non prescription colored contact lenses. These eye wear magazines have a variety of colors to select. The eye wear magazines have different shape and sizes to choose from. The Price is determining by what colored and shape the non prescription colored contact lenses is. A person can fill out the order form which is in the back of the magazine. There is also a one eight hundred number a person can call to place an order. The magazine ships the contact lenses out to the person home. It takes about a week or two to arrive. There is usually a small fee for the shipping and handling.

Free Colored Contacts by Mail With No Credit Card

green-colored-contactsThe important thing to do is to compare places. Different places will have different prices for non prescription colored contact lenses. Different styles can cost a lot more than the basic color lenses. If a person wants something special like cat eye lenses then that will cost more money. If a person wants basic colors then they will cost less money. Sometimes a magazine will have better deals on non prescription colored contact lenses than a retail eye wear store would have.

A web site might sell them cheaper then both the magazine and retail store. The other important thing to remember is to make sure the contact lenses have a refund policy or exchange policy. If the contacts don’t fit then at least a person can exchange them for the right size or get their money back.

To get your free colored contacts by mail with no credit card, all you have to do is request sample contact lenses. These free samples are trial contact lenses that lens manufacturers create so that you can try them before you buy them. Go to their websites to find their free offers, then enter your information and get the free coupon or certificate. Read the terms on that offer. Virtually all of these offers do not require a credit card. If they do, then do not go for that offer.

What Stores Offer Sample Prescription Contact Lenses?

You would think that stores like Walmart, Sears, JC Penny or other stores that have optical departments or sell contact lenses would offer free sample lenses but most do not – sort of… let’s explain. The best place to get them is really at the contact lens manufacturer. They make them and want you to try them and they offer free lenses. Local eye doctors will have some free sample contacts available if you go in for an appointment and eye exam. Since stores like Walmart with optical centers do have eye doctors, you can get free contact lenses at Walmart. Again, you will have to set up an appointment, which you need to pay for but you can get them.

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  1. Tammy Walker says:

    I would like to have a pair of free colored contacts without prescription…Will you send a sample please? baby blue or grey…

    • You can get yourself a pair of free colored contact lenses if you follow what we’ve written here. Unfortunately, in most cases, you are going to need to see your eye doctor so that they can be fitted to your eyes. Companies giving away free contact lenses want to make sure they will fit your eyes when they offer free samples. Go to their websites, check out their offers and then see what the terms and conditions are.

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